Dr. Neil Burden and his team have truly benefited my life for the better. After having high blood pressure for over half a year (I am 19 years old), seeing several doctors and being placed on medication with undesirable side effects, I decided to give chiropractic a try. After just 3 weeks Dr. Burden had lowered my blood pressure by 40 points, nearly double what the medication was able to do. This allowed me to go back off medication, something the doctors said I would be required to take for life. Chiropractic is not just about fixing a sore back, there are so many other aspects of your health that it can improve. It is an honour to be the client of an incredibly caring and knowledgeable individual. The only regret I have about Dr. Burden is not seeing him sooner.


When my son was born 4 months ago we noticed a few things that were happening. He would not sleep on his back, head tilted to the right and he had acid reflux (diagnosed by our Pediatrician), which made him colicky.

After the second month we decided to see Dr. Burden, as we were tired of people saying it’s just a phase and it will pass. So only after a few sessions of him being in chiropractic care he was sleeping on his back and he was crying less frequently and spitting up his milk (when he needed to), which was helping with the acid reflux. A few more sessions his head stopped tilting and he was becoming a very happy baby!  It was quite the transformation for only a few weeks of care and seeing how happy he really was being relieved of his pain. We still come in once a week to maintain with chiropractic care and will continue because of the benefits that we have seen with him.

Lawson family

My two children, ages 2 and 3, and myself have been under Dr. Burden’s care for approximately 6 months. When I began my care, I had terrible numbness in my arms, wrists and hands, along with little to no strength in my hands. My youngest daughter was born with a lazy eye. After seeing four different doctors, with no answers, I began to get frustrated, as her lazy eye was affecting her walking and balance. After a few short months of being under Chiropractic Care, my daughter started walking straight, falling less…my arms were not always as numb, painful and I even began to regain some strength in my hands.

My children and I were even happier, sleeping better and had more energy!

At the peak of feeling great, we were involved in a motor vehicle accident. I ensured my children’s safety, and immediately called Dr. Burden. I felt so emotionally crushed and weak. Dr. Burden helped us through the pain that we experienced and helped me through the emotional stressors. I knew that my children were extremely lucky to be under care, and that put me at ease, not worrying about any future problems that could result from the accident. We were taken care of.

Dr. B. always knows when something is bothering me, because he can see it in my spine. I feel comfortable knowing that he cares enough to ask if everything is ok, and to give me that positive push forward when needed. Chiropractic has been, and still is very essential to me and my children. I wish for more people to know the benefits of Chiropractic, and that it is not just to “fix pain”, rather, something that everyone should make part of their lifestyle.

Myers Family

Hi Dr. Neil,

We greatly appreciate you and the wonderful care you continue to give our family over the years.

Chiropractic care has become a welcomed part of our family’s active lifestyle.  We have seen the positive results of chiropractic care on ailments such as eczema, allergies,  headaches, sports injuries, dance injuries and pulled muscles.  Also,  I did not experience any back pains during pregnancy with twins while carrying them to full term for 39 weeks.  We have also experienced less sick days during the winter months!
You provide an environment that is professional and very positive.  We have been under your care for approximately 20 years and we have always left your office feeling cheerful and knowing that our well being is as important to you as a family member.

Thank You Dr. Neil!!

Jafelice Family
(Isa, Peter, Serenah and Tyler)

When my youngest daughter was born there was always a problem with her ability to clear her lungs and nasal passages. Her appetite and weight gain was also very slow. Her family doctor asked that she be kept in a smoke free home. Even following her advice the problems never changed. Three months later, I put her into Dr. Burden’s hands since I was already under care with him and had felt a great deal of change in my own health. Since being under his care her appetite has increased to that of a normal 17 month old baby. As for her breathing she has been clear as a bell. Our next step is to get my oldest daughter under care with Dr. Burden. My personal thanks go out to Dr. Burden and his staff.


Thank you so much for all your care over the years,and for rescuing me from a state of pain and disability. You are always there when I have an emergency to “turn the power back on”. Thanks for giving me the gift of health.

Dr. P.G.

My husband Gary and I have been under the care of Dr. Burden for the past several months. Gary began seeing him for pain relief, the typical reason for making an appointment. Gary also has had acid reflux for many years and had been controlling the symptoms through medication. Within two weeks of seeing Dr. Burden he stopped taking his medication and has not needed it since. He now has more flexibility in his movements and is pain free.

I went to see Dr. Burden to just make sure my spinal column & nervous system were functioning properly. I actually though he would say that I do not need his services but I was mistaken. We will never know the exact cause but my neck was quite involved (C2, C3) This part of the spine involves the optic and auditory nerve. Prior to seeing Dr. Burden I noted some changes in my auditory memory and processing but thought it was related to aging and not the alignment of my spine. I had also lived with digestion issues since birth. After seeing Dr. Burden for three weeks I have been able to tolerate alcohol and a variety of foods, which has made a positive impact on our social life. I also noted that I had more energy and an increase in my metabolism.

Our experience has led us to believe that everyone should have chiropractic care in their life because…”chiropractic adds years to life and life to years”. Doesn’t everyone want that?

Terri and Gary C.

Our history dates 5 years to an emergency call on a civic holiday weekend. Three visits in three consecutive days guided me from a series of subluxations to the revival of my body to heal itself. Prior to my initial adjustments by Dr. Burden I was prone to headaches. Within weeks I noticed my headaches were becoming a rare occurrence. Weekly visits keep my spine well-aligned assisting my innate to restore and maintain my health.

It pleases me to add that visits to my general practitioner are now minimal, mostly annual physical exams and infrequent emergency situations. Dr. Burden shares with me not only his deep passion for wellness but also his extensive knowledge and skill in chiropractic. He invites me to partner in my own wellness precisely how patient and practitioner should ideally relate. Based on my ongoing chiropractic care with Dr. Burden, I urge those that have not yet experienced his caring professionalism to do so

Joyfully submitted, Richard Yake

Hello I’d like to take this opportunity to share my chiropractic care experiences… Many years ago I was referred to Dr Neil Burden by a close friend following a sports injury. The care I received was exemplary ! At that time I did not continue with consistent treatments but in hindsight I wish I had. Over the years as stress and lifestyle took their toll I began to develop back and neck problems combined with deteriorating overall health.

Once again I sought out Dr. Burden for help. As my current health situation was not the result of direct injury I was worried about treatment and recovery. Dr Burden put my worries to rest quickly. He outlined in detail what was needed to help my recovery but more than that he did it with genuine concern and caring for my overall well being not just for the present but for the future as well. Today my health and outlook have been dramatically improved ! I find myself looking forward to my weekly appointment with Dr. Burden. It is now an integral part of my health care regimen and I would encourage anyone to make chiropractic care part of theirs because the benefits are life altering !

Thank you so much Dr. Burden for your outstanding care and regard. You have made such a difference !

Mike Demaray

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Neil for over 20 years. As a sufferer of chronic neck and back problems, I am convinced that chiropractic care has been a major contributor to restoring my health and enabling me to maintain normal daily function. Despite being in practice for many years, I have always been impressed by Dr. Neil’s profound belief in self-development whereby he invests in himself through continuing education, always staying on the leading edge by learning the latest proven methods of chiropractic care.

I am grateful to have Dr. Neil as part of my personal wellness program.


I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Burden regularly for the past 7 years. I started because of back pain, and chose to continue with regular adjustments because I trust his commitment to my health. Despite having moved out of London, I continue under his care because it is effective, and because I honestly would not want a different chiropractor. Dr. Burden’s demeanour is friendly and enthusiastic, his attention is thorough, and I know for certain that my well-being as a patient is his top-most concern.

B. MacDonald

I have been with Dr. Burden for a few years now and often wonder what my health would be like if I hadn’t met him and began treatments under his care. I had used 3 different Chiropractors over the years and thought that they where only there for back pain when the pain killers didn’t work. The past chiropractors gave me adjustments but never explained to me how important it was to be on a regular maintenance plan. They sent me on my way and I was never told of the real reason why chiropractic is so important for over all good health.

After seeing Dr. Burden for the first time through an emergency call(my Chiropractor at the time was not available) I quickly noticed how his approach to the profession was so different than what I experienced with other Chiropractors. Firstly his zeal, pride and commitment in his practice. His meticulous way he examines you and explains the adjustments that affect function and health. I have great respect for someone as committed as Dr. Burden. I know he truly cares about his patience. After attending a short evening introduction on chiropractic and how it is necessary to maintain good health it finally all made perfect sense. I can’t stress enough how important Dr.Burden is in my life to keep me healthy and connected. Please do yourself a favour and contact his office and he will explain to you what he explained to me.

You will see the difference.

Rob Pollard

Dr.Burden has been my chiropractor for the past 4 years. I have received chiropractic care most of my life and can say that Dr. Burden has given me the best care. I have had no lower back pain since receiving regular treatments from Dr. Burden. His technique is extremely accurate and gentle and has kept me pain free. He has a very positive and encouraging attitude. Dr. Burden has also treated my children and they have had improved physical and mental health from his treatments. I have recommended Dr. Burden to family,friends and co-workers for chiropractic care because of his excellent care.

C.Selby and family